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Custom Application Design & Development 

At Logo Innovators, our team of experienced application designers and developers has the essential skills to deploy the ideal application for your business. Our process is simple and easy to follow through. We offer custom application design and development in the following areas:

  • Word Processors
  • Graphics Software
  • Database Software
  • Enterprise Software
  • Customer Relations Management System 
  • Multimedia Software Apps
  • Academic / Educational Apps
  • Content Access Software
Design & Development

Word processors

Word Processors Applications are excellent to assist users with formatting or manipulating any form of text. They further allow the user to create memos, letters, faxes, and other business and non-business-related documentations. Word Processing Applications can also be geared to further decorate or enhance texts. Unique features can be integrated such as API integration like thesaurus, synonyms, and antonyms. Custom Word Processing applications also feature font color editing tools, text styles, and more.


Graphics software

Graphic Software is an essential tool for many graphic designers today. It aids the artist to design, edit, or make changes in visual data or images. Usually, such Graphics application software can consists of pictorial editing tools. Applications like Photoshop and Paintshop

Pro are just a few examples of graphic applications. Logo Innovator’s team of designers and developers ensures to follow customer requirements and compliance, resulting in exceptional-customized graphics software.


Database software

Database software applications are designed to create, manage, search, index, archive, or extract information contained within databases. As a result, such applications can be geared to assist businesses to manage internal and external data, secure the data, and processes them into comprehensive reports.


Enterprise software

In general, enterprise application software is usually designed to provide support, document tasks, communicate, and align problem-solving schemes that an entire organization may require. Since Enterprises consist of multiple departments, enterprise software applications are geared for several different user roles which are defined or defaulted with certain sets of actions that the user can perform.


Customer Relations Management System (CRM)

One of the most important assets to any business is its CRM system, also known as customer relations management systems. They play an essential role between the professionals from an organization and its customers or clients. CRM systems usually are flexible and can be utilized in several ways, thus depending on the customer's business requirements or needs. Another important thing to note is that each CRM is unique, simply because every business module isn’t the same. Discover how the Logo Innovators' team of specialists can help you with your Customer Relations Management system.


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