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Creating an iconic and ideal logo for any business is challenging and isn’t an easy task. The design process behind a logo plays an essential role since it impacts the outcome. That is why at Logo Innovators, our team of experienced designers undergo a strategic process to provide high-quality and completely original logo concepts.

Iconic Design

Our Logo Process

Our logo process undergoes a few strategic procedures. First, we consider the verticals of whether or not if the client has pre-existing design(s) that they would like for our team of designers to incorporate. Second, we research the relevant field of the brand and business and gather information accordingly. Then we begin the design process while considering all the guidelines provided by the client.

Logo Layout

Client will then receive a showcased presentation file that presents all the logo concepts that our team of designers have created. Reviewing the logos will give a chance for the client to request for any revisions or changes to the logo design. Upon completion and approval of the logo, our team will finalize the file for you and send the final formats as per to the package that the client has selected.


Logo Packages

Bronze Logo Package


Silver Logo Package


Gold Logo Package


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