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At Logo Innovators, we believe that social media is no longer just a personal tool. In fact, its biggest contribution to the world may be in the form of commerce. Due to the technological advancement and the growth in social media platforms, it has become an essential for business to stay engaged their audiences and clients. While there are thousands of applications and social platforms out there, Logo Innovators believes that there should be only a few most important social platforms that business need to consider, despite if that business stands at an individual level.

At Logo Innovators, we make social media management simplified and easy. Our team of social media managers can either create and design your social media accounts for you or design and manage the accounts. Our experts build a winning social media plan for you that will not only help to increase your brand visibility in the digital spectrum but also helps to increase sales, and build a name for your business! We provide social media solutions that includes the following social media platforms;


Without a doubt, Facebook has been one of the most influential platforms on the internet since its first interception. With over 2 billion active users, Facebook gives businesses the potential to reach over 25% of people in the world.


It’s not easy to create videos that help to represent your business, but when you do, it is without a doubt, worthy! You just never know what type of customer my stumble upon your YouTube channel.


While press releases tend to be one of the best solutions to provide announcements to your users, customers and followers, Twitter has been sensational to breaking news, strong opinions and fast-paced action. It is the ideal social platform for creating engagement with other users and brands in your industry.


Logo Innovators highly recommends Instagram as part of your social media plan, as it has become popular with small businesses and freelancers in particular. Since Instagram is also owned and operated under Facebook, you still get access to Facebook ads and strong targeting abilities. Instagram is an excellent platform for those that have visual content and want to share with the world!


LinkedIn is like the powerhouse of social media for small businesses. Due to the nature of LinkedIn, it was by far one of the most important and most impactful ones out there and is especially important for businesses to consider. LinkedIn is mainly used for finding potential vendors, customers and business partners, allowing you to expand your professional network as well as your social one.